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Path #1; Plaster, organic matter

Path #1

Plaster, organic matter
157 x 160 x 20cm

Photo: Colin Hawkins

The sculptures Path #1 are a meditation on how the Earth might feel our presence if we tread gently. Our ‘footprint’ has now come to have negative connotations, but he timeless act of walking is one of the least impactful and most connecting acts we can do. These pieces reflect our hopes that rather than being embattled with our beautiful Earth, we can become embedded in its rhythms and mysteries. Life cast in plaster this figurative sculpture uses found twigs to represent roots, and graphite to represent carbon, and was developed for an exhibition with the @royalsocietysculptors for @tremenheerescultpure gardens.

Portrait; Plaster, organic matter

Portrait; Plaster, organic matter


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